Find out about professional wasp and bee solutions in Perth

Bivouac Beekeeping understands the negative impact wasps and bees can have on your home and work life if they are not dealt with properly. We've been providing wasp and bee solutions for 25 years, so you can trust us to sort out the problem for you in Perth with minimum fuss. We supply second-hand and new beekeeping equipment, so if you're bee enthusiast yourself, speak to Bivouac Beekeeping.

Protect your home or business!

Hire our services in Perth and receive a friendly, reliable and efficient service that provides a long-lasting wasp and bee solution. You don't want to have to put up with troublesome insects at your home or business and we are sure to get to the heart of the problem. We offer:

  • Inspections
  • Treatments
  • Commercial
  • Residential 
  • Guaranteed
  • Licensed


Another positive aspect of Bivouac Beekeeping is our affordable rates. Not only to we guarantee that you won't be bothered by wasps or bees after we've dealt with them, but you'll be paying for this quality service at a price that is among the most reasonable in the industry. 


In addition to our reliable wasp and bee solutions, we can also help out prospective beekeepers with high quality new and second-hand equipment. Whether you're living in rural or metropolitan Perth, we can cater to your needs and have you well on your way to starting your own family of bees! Contact our team now and find out how we can help.

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